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actinomyflix specials
  • ctinomycetes usually have 1-2 µm diameter.

  • They generally possess a rod shape with a filamentous or branched structure. The filaments contain mumaric acid.

  • Most of the species are aerobic, while a few are anaerobes to facultative aerobes.

  • Cell wall and internal structures are similar to bacteria. The cell wall of actinomycetes consists of mycolic acid.

  • The growth or reproduction of actinomycetes is slower than the bacteria and fungi. Hence, actinomycetes are sometimes called as “Slow growers”.

  • They are having 60-78% of G+C content.

  • Actinomycetes are most abundant in soil (106-108g) and marine habitat.

  • The majority of species are usually non-motile, non-capsulated and non-acid fast.

  • They show optimum growth at alkaline pH.

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